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Nathan—Super Me—returns in a new high-flying adventure.Nathan’s mother, Janelle, will be in the hospital overnight. With no one able to watch Nathan, she must take drastic measures: she calls Kersey. Though Kersey rescued Nathan from the hands of a dangerous mobster, he was also the one who put him there in the first place. Still, she knows the two have formed a close bond and she believes Kersey is a good man who will protect Nathan from harm.Though Kersey gladly accepts the babysitting task, it creates several problems for him. The loss of his partnership with Aleeyah for turning down a job to watch Nathan. And he knows nothing about babysitting.Everything goes smoothly until Kersey is captured by the brother of the mobster he took down, leaving Nathan to fend for himself. Now it is his turn to rescue Kersey, and for Nathan, there is only one way a real superhero makes an entrance. He flies, a skill he believes he has.With time running out for Kersey, Nathan must somehow find a way to take flight before his friend is killed.


Nathan is a twelve year old boy with Down syndrome. His mother Janelle is very protective and calls him her hero. But when Janelle witnesses a drug deal she becomes a target of the dealer. Nathan and Janelle are attacked, but Kersey, a man who hires out as a problem solver, steps in and saves them. However, with Janelle unconscious and Kersey not wanting any police involvement, he stages the scene to make it look like Nathan is the hero.His plan backfires though as Nathan believes he is a real life superhero and goes out to save people. His efforts put him in constant danger which Kersey must extricate him from before he gets hurt.But when a mobster, who is chasing Kersey kidnaps Nathan for leverage, Kersey is forced to hunt them down knowing to save Nathan he will have to exchange his life for the boys.