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Random Survival Series - Book 5


All Mark wanted was to find someone to help with his daughter’s paralysis. What he found was a mysterious military organization protecting a one-time medical facility, a nuclear power plant on the verge of a meltdown, an Asian spy and a fortified town run by women for women.

Turned away by the facility and the town, Mark is determined to find help and answers to his growing amount of questions. But sometimes answers can be worse than not knowing.

Forcing a meeting with the facilities leader, Dr. Ohtanda, Mark soon discovers the deadly virus that wiped out most of the population may be morphing into a more powerful strain. Dr. Ohtanda is working on a vaccine, but was the release an accident or a deliberate terrorist act—and who is responsible? Was it the Chinese? Our own government? A terrorist group? Or a secret organization with the goal of being the lone survivors?

With time running out, Mark must find a way to not only save his daughter, but all of mankind. But, if a cure can’t be found, will anyone be left to save humanity?Then There’ll Be None is a pulse-pounding, fast-paced action thriller that will leave you wondering about the lengths people will go to ensure their survival.

How Will You Survive?

Random Survival Series - Book 4


Five months after the life-changing apocalyptic event, Mark craves normal activites. What could go wrong with a little fishing trip with his children? Lynn, his co-director of the community feels it is an excuse to seek out action and violence and opposes the trip. After a bitter argument, Mark, Bobby and Becca leave anyway. Running into obstacles and gangs on the way to Lake Erie, they discover the presence of a pirate navy controlling the waters. Fleeing a small armada of speed boats, they hide on shore, but witness the capture of a woman and girl and the brutal treatment of the man defending them. Mark sends Bobby and Becca for back-up, taking the injured man with them. Alone, Mark rashly attempts to rescue the woman and girl; he frees the girl and gives her into the care of a mysterious local church group. Returning to rescue the woman, he is taken prisoner while boarding the raiders’ floating base. His encounter with the sociopathic captain does not go well. Enlisting the aid of a strange group of locals, Bobby, Becca and Lynn must rescue Mark before he is executed.

Random Survival Series - Book 3


With the mysterious event that devastated mankind now five months past, and winter fast approaching, Bobby, Becca and Myron hunt for game. Though life is not easy, it has at least settled into what now passes as normal. That is until they discover a band of hunters stalking human prey.

For Mel, Caryn and Tara, the end of the world has been a constant struggle to survive. The new world has become chaotic and dangerous. Those with the power make the rules. Life has little value except in the depths of depravity in the minds of those who own you. Now, pursued by armed men, the three women are forced to flee or be sold into slavery.

Bobby, Becca and Myron rescue the women, but are then hunted themselves. With time running out and the hunters closing in around them, the small band must find a place to make a stand, a place to survive.

Random Survival Series - Book 2


Dedication: This novel is dedicated to the men and women of 180th Fighter Wing of the Ohio Air National Guard

When death surrounds you it's time to go home.

Brother and sister, Bobby and Becca, are away from home enjoying college life until a mysterious disease kills off almost everyone around them. With chaos ensuing, Bobby and Becca decide it might be safer to go home and join their family, but when they arrive they discover their home has been burned and the graves of their mother and youngest brother in the backyard.

With scavengers swarming over the neighborhood the siblings decide to leave the area and search for their father using clues he has left for them, but before they can find him they are captured by a local militia. Refusing to join their ranks Bobby and Becca are held prisoner. Their only hope of rescue is a frightened stranger, Myron. But with a psychotic killer tracking him and the base preparing to face an advancing foreign army, Bobby and Becca find themselves in the middle of deadly situations from all sides.

With no chance of escape their only hope of survival rests with their father, who doesn't even know they are alive.

Random Survival Series - Book 1


If the world as you know it ended today how would you survive?

What great lengths will a man go to in order to ensure his survival. With the population dying around him, Mark is forced to find out. As a sudden, mysterious disease sweeps across the country, the few survivors turn violent, killing for food and water. The chaos in the city has turned thoughts of living there and forming alliances too dangerous. Mark returns to his suburban home and prepares for what will come.

Knowing the insanity will soon spread from the city in their desperate need to find new supplies of food and water, Mark begins stock piling items of need by raiding his neighbors homes. His basement becomes his fortress and he is ready to fight to defend it.

When the madness reaches him he is surprised to find the survivors are now organized. Unsure of whether to approach them or not, Mark decides to stay hidden and observe. But when he discovers the organized horde chasing and killing other survivors, Mark steps in to rescue a woman and her children.

His actions make him a target and he becomes hunted. Taking the family and as many supplies as possible, Mark flees, but the pursuit is fierce and deadly. Trapped and outnumbered, the killers closing in, Mark must make a stand and find a way to survive once more.