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Danny Roth Novel: Volume 6


   Danny and Tony are in Dayton, Ohio for a weekend of fun at the regional baseball championship, but when a murdered man is discovered in the room next to theirs and they find a ledger that threatens to tear apart the police department. The result is an armed standoff in their hotel room against the local cops. The only way to defuse the situation is to trust in the police, but the wrong choice could be deadly.

Meanwhile, a stranger from New York arrives in Toledo to purchase Danny’s restaurant. However, this mysterious man has a secret agenda involving Danny's mother's past which threatens to put his mother in jeopardy and Danny in a grave.

In the midst of the struggle, Danny learns the family secrets and the reason they’ve been kept that way, but now he must find a way to save his mother from her past before she is forced into a deadly plot by a power hungry madman.

Danny Roth Novel: Volume 5


     Former Army Ranger, Ricardo, uses his skills to rescue kidnapped and abused children, but when an old flame is brutally assaulted by a gang, he rushes to her aid. His sudden appearance creates turmoil in an already traumatic scenario.

Jayne refuses to involve the police and Ricardo convinces her to attend a special therapy group. There she meets other victims and bonds with four women. Together they plot to take their revenge on all of their attackers.

Unaware of Jane's intentions, Ricardo hunts the gang members who assaulted her, doling out his own form of justice to two of them. But when the remaining gang members team up with some enemies from his past, the violence escalates and he calls on friends, Danny and Tony, to help him survive.

In the meantime, Jane and her new friends track down their attackers and mete out their own form of group therapy. But when one of the women is abducted by her attacker, Jane is forced to ask Ricardo and his team for assistance to rescue their group member.

Danny Roth Novel: Volume 4


     The unwitting decision to take a certain route home, puts ex-cop Danny Roth in a killer's path.

Whether by fate, or dumb luck, Danny witnesses a cop gunned down on the side of the road. After a fierce gun battle with the shooters, Danny is drawn deeper into an investigation where he stumbles across a human trafficking ring. With no official status, Danny is ordered to stand down. But when the cop’s wife disappears, Danny must decide between being arrested or saving a friend. With time running out for ten abducted women, Danny takes up the hunt once more, but can he find them in time before they are transported from the area, never to be seen again?

Fourth in the Danny Roth series, in Stealing Home, Ray Wenck uncovers one of the greatest challenges to present-day society – human trafficking.

Danny Roth Novel: Volume 3


 When Danny and Tony rescue a beautiful woman from an assault they are surprised to find the victim is actually an undercover cop, Marissa Feducci. What is more surprising is Tony’s reaction to Marissa. The usual smooth-talking Tony becomes speechless in her presence.

At Tony’s constant prodding Danny calls and sets a lunch date with Marissa, but when she fails to show Tony is crushed. Then Danny discovers Marissa has disappeared and the police are searching for her, fearing the worst.

Tony goes into action organizing a team of professionals whose strength is operating outside the law. Danny, Tony and friends stage a daring attack on a drug lord’s stronghold rescuing Marissa and causing serious damage to the cartel’s distribution network.

However, the drug lord, Nicholas Ruiz, seeking vengeance, puts a bounty on Danny and Tony and sends his entire cartel to hunt them. To survive the two friends must keep moving until they can devise a plan to take Ruiz out.

Home Team is the story of how far a man will go to protect the woman he loves.

Danny Roth Novel: Volume 2


     When a case of road rage turns violent Danny Roth steps in to save his friend, Tony, from a deadly knife attack. However, when his quick response proves fatal, Danny not only faces charges from the police, but must face the dead man’s family, the Millers, who are intent on delivering a more decisive and permanent justice of their own.

As Danny fights back against the Miller’s assassination attempts he discovers the family’s automotive business is a front for illegal activities making him a threat that needs to be eliminated, but when their attempts to silence him fail they resort to kidnapping first Tony, then Danny’s mother, to draw Danny out.

Knowing the only way to save his mother and his best friend is to sacrifice himself, Danny joins with Detective Morrisey and Tony’s ex-special forces friends to form an unlikely team of rescuers. Realizing the confrontation could turn into a fierce and lethal gunfight, Danny can only hope his new team will be in time to save his mother and Tony, even though they may be too late to save him.

Danny Roth Novel: Volume 1


 What lengths will a man go to save a friend? Former policeman Danny Roth leads a quiet, if secluded, life. He has a new career, he’s made a few friends and he has his baseball; an obsession he uses to pass for a social life. When he rescues a teammate from a beating by mob members, he becomes the target of the mob boss. When that friend disappears and Danny is brutally assaulted he must decide if he is willing to cross the line that may lead to violence. As he continues to come under attack, he realizes the only way to survive is to resurrect the person he had sworn never to become again.