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Blog - Writer's Journey

If You Didn't Meet Me In St. Louis...Check Out the Tour

Posted on February 28, 2018 at 2:55 PM

The start of show season kicked off with a bang in St. Louis. I have begun doing panels at many of the shows and the ones at St. Louis were well attended. I was happy to see the size and enthusiasm of the crowds. I met a lot of people and had some amazing discussions. Many aspiring writers asked a host of great questions. It is with them in mind that I reiterate points I have made before.

At shows I often hear, “I want to be a writer.” Those words are usually followed by a string of reasons why it can't be done just now. The key to being a writer, is to write. I know, easier said then done, but is it?

My response is, you don't want to get to be my age and look back saying “I wish I would've.” I do wish I would've—twenty years ago, but I'm at least making up for lost time.

Writing starts off as a hobby and should be done for your own pleasure. Have fun with it. My suggestion is to set aside twenty minutes a day for two to three days a week. Schedule it. All hobbies take time.

Make that story advance. Don't stop and restart. Continue. As it grows, so will your desire to find more time to write. There is nothing like that feeling when you type The End and kick back. I call it writer's beer cracking moment number 1.

It's on you. My old writer's group slogan was BIC. (Butt in Chair)

Set aside the time and do it. Good luck! Have fun!


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