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Posted on January 2, 2018 at 9:00 PM
This has been an incredible year so far for sales, shows and meeting new fans and friends. I enjoy the shows and am already setting my schedule for 2018. They will be appearing on my website soon. If you have any recommendations for shows, or a favorite book store where I can set up a signing, pass it along. One of the things I enjoy when meeting new people is to learn their names. Many times I will use them in books and several people this year have had characters developed. Look for Britta, Toriano and Mikial in releases later this year. With that in mind, Hanging On, Book 4 in the Random Survival series is do out within the next month. The post-apocalyptic genre remains hot and as I tell fans at shows, read all you want, I'll write more. I currently finished the sequel to the zombie thriller, Tower of the Dead. Look for Island of the Dead to be released in October. My latest release Pick-A-Path: Apocalypse has been an incredible how favorite. Many people read the old choose your own adventure stories as kids and love the idea of having an adult version. Although I have to say, writing it was a nightmare. Formatting has been a problem. An early version had pages off by 7. That has since been corrected and if you got one of those 1st 20 copies, message me for the corrections. The good news for fans (bad for me) is that it has sold so well, I've had requests for more, so that's next on my list. Check it out on my website, raywenck.com. An ebook format is coming, be patient. It's been a bear to format since, ebooks don't have pages. Hope to see you at a show soon. Read on!

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